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Down for life the movie

Drama · Based on a true story depicting a single dramatic day in the life of a Latina gang leader in South Central Los Angeles. . Although it's the typical subject of an individual making it out of a bad environment, this film was more realistic by way of introducing unknown actors, taking the gangsta life and viewing it through. Down for Life is a American dramatic film directed by Alan Jacobs based on the true story of a year-old Latina gang leader in Watts, Los Angeles. The story follows one day in her life as she struggles to break away from her gang. Made in cinéma vérité style, the film stars many local teens, with veteran actors such. Down For Life. · February 24, ·. WHERE'S THE DVD? (part 2/4): When the movie does come out you can hit up walmart, best buy, amazon and Netflix. we can give you guys a date as soon as we know it. LikeComment. Christian Cloma Gadiana, Evalina Ontiveros, Mariyah Guerrero and 70 others like this.

15 Sep This kind of self-professed homage to Italian neorealism, where the quest for " authenticity" guides every artistic decision and becomes an end in itself, certainly isn't new, but what's different this time around is the no-holds-barred violence that fills the film to bursting.


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