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16 Nov file is a distribution format for Python packages. It's just an alternative to a source code distribution or Windows exe. But note that for pure Python, the. egg file is completely cross-platform. file itself is essentially file. If you change the extension to “ zip ”, you can see that it will have folders inside the . 15 Nov "Egg" is a single-file importable distribution format for Python-related projects. " The Quick Guide to Python Eggs" aptly notes that "Eggs are to Pythons as Jars are to Java " Eggs actually are richer than jars; they hold interesting metadata such as licensing details, release dependencies, egg (last edited. 21 Nov If you then install the egg setuptools will automatically install greenlet as well. Once you have this you can create an egg out of this by calling. python bdist_egg. This will create an egg distribution file which you can find in dist/ eventletpyegg (if you used Python ). You can check the.

There are two basic formats currently implemented for Python format: a directory or zipfile containing the project's code and resources, along with an EGG-INFO subdirectory that contains the project's -info format: a file or directory placed adjacent to the project's code and resources, that directly. For basic use of easy_install, you need only supply the filename or URL of a source distribution file (Python Egg). Example 1. Install a package by name, searching PyPI for the latest version, and automatically downloading, building, and installing it: easy_install SQLObject. Example 2. Install or upgrade a package. 12 Jul Today we're going to take a look at the controversial easy_install method of installing Python modules and packages. We will also learn how to create our own *.egg files. You will need to go get the SetupTools package to follow along. This package doesn't support Python 3.x so if you need that, see pip or.

A file is analogous to a file. For a more thorough description of what they are visit 14 Feb How can I create a Python egg? Step 1: Create a file in the root of your project. Let's review the file from my Python egg: import uuid from setuptools import setup import os from import parse_requirements def read(fname): return open((e(__file__). The EGG file format is a compressed archive file format that supports Unicode and intelligent compression algorithms. EGG format is created by ESTsoft and was first applied in their file compression software ALZip. The filename extension used by EGG If an EGG archive is split into multiple smaller files, those files.


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